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 Services We Offer 


By seeking therapy, we can gain insights into our cultural backgrounds, address intergenerational traumas, and develop coping strategies to navigate the intricacies of our multicultural identities.

- Dr. Kiley Dunne Lizama

Inclusive Services

As members of the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, people of color) immigrant and the lgbtq+ community, we feel there is a serious lack of culturally and gender affirming services available to our communities; making it difficult to find a therapist who understands your experience. We understand not everyone has the means to access affirming support in their community and here at Diaspora Therapy, we aim to remove as many barriers as possible to accessing that care.

Counseling Services

Counseling can be beneficial for anyone looking to feel more connected to themselves. Our counseling services are offered on a weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly basis with frequent check-ins about goal progress. We provide lgbtq+ counseling, racial identity and culturally sensitive counseling as well as teen therapy. We are based in San Diego but provide telehealth services making support accessible throughout California.

Gender Affirmation Surgery Letters

We offer letters for individuals looking for gender-affirming surgery. Please reach out today for a free consultation to review the process and identify how we can support you in your journey.  

Parent Coaching

Diaspora Therapy group offers TWO Parent coaching services. 


  • Early Years- Parent coaching for parents struggling with their toddlers' ages 0-5 years old.

  • Parents looking to support their children as they navigate their gender identity.

Clinical Supervision

Dr. Dunne Lizama is an AAMFT Clinical Supervisor and able to provide individual supervision to associates needing supervision. 

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