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Meet Our Founders

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Hi! I'm Kiley, co-founder of Diaspora Therapy Group. 

Drawing from my multicultural background and biracial identity, I hold a deep appreciation for embracing diverse cultures and affirming gender identities. Having grown up in Uganda, a nation steeped in rich cultural heritage, I had the privilege of being immersed in a tapestry of customs, norms, and traditions. My personal narrative is woven with threads of trans-generational trauma; my mother emerged as a survivor of Ethiopia's 1970s violent revolution, my father navigated his upbringing in Ireland during "the Troubles," and my stepmother's formative years were marked by the Yugoslav ethnic conflicts and genocide. These narratives have indelibly shaped my perspective, fostering a profound respect for global human experiences. I have witnessed firsthand how the ripples of trauma can impact family dynamics and echo across generations, sometimes fostering unhealthy patterns. These experiences have deeply seeded in me a reverence for individual diversities and journeys.


My therapeutic style is also greatly influenced by my upbringing as a light-skinned biracial individual raised by a single Black mother, where I developed a humbling understanding of the trials marginalized individuals endure within society. Consequently, I am committed to creating a therapeutic space that recognizes the multifaceted oppression clients face, addressing concerns such as racism, sexism, homophobia, and ableism.

At the core of my therapeutic approach is the belief that each person is a unique entity, shaped inexorably by their life encounters, thus coloring their outlook. My mission is to cultivate an environment characterized by security, acceptance, and inclusivity. The bedrock of my practice is cultural humility, guiding me to greet each client with respect and an authentic eagerness to learn. Embracing gender-affirming therapy is another pivotal facet of my practice. I staunchly advocate for a safe haven wherein clients can openly express their gender identity devoid of judgment or rejection. My therapeutic framework draws upon multiculturalism, gender affirmation, and social justice. I acknowledge that each individual arrives in therapy with distinct narratives, and I aim to offer a sanctuary that is sensitive and attuned to these myriad stories. My ultimate objective is to empower clients with the tools requisite for navigating their unique challenges and nurturing personal growth and healing.


In tandem with counseling, I also provide training to school districts and parents. I delve into the complexities of trauma and explore the far-reaching impact of systemic racism and ingrained biases on students and the educational landscape. Through interactive workshops for parents, I spotlight methods of supporting students grappling with anxiety, depression, and self-destructive behaviors. Currently, in addition to my role as a clinician, I am an instructor of Adolescent Psychology for the University of California Berkeley's extension program and practicum courses for the Masters in Counseling Psychology program at Yorkville University.

Hi! I'm Rup, co-founder of Diaspora Therapy Group.

Born and raised in a working-class, Indian immigrant family in rural Canada, I deeply appreciate the intricacies of navigating diverse cultural landscapes. This personal experience has been the cornerstone of my dedication to connecting trauma-informed, culturally competent mental health care to a broad spectrum of communities. My approach is anchored in respect for all diasporas, driven by an earnest desire to diminish the disparities in mental health access for traditionally marginalized groups.

My business philosophy revolves around the idea that every individual is shaped by their unique life experiences, influencing their perspective on the world. I am committed to helping foster an environment that is safe, accepting, and inclusive. Central to my business belief is the principle of cultural humility. This principle guides me to approach each potential client with respect and a genuine curiosity to understand their journey to connect them with the clinician to best meet their needs. 

In building our practice, I integrated concepts of multiculturalism, gender affirmation, and social justice. Recognizing that each person brings their own distinct story to their therapy experience, my goal is to ensure we provide a sanctuary attuned to these diverse narratives, empowering clients to seek support in navigating their unique challenges, fostering personal growth, and facilitating healing.

Additionally, my expertise extends into the realm of business development. With a foundation in molecular biology and business management, I am passionate about helping small private therapy practices thrive. I offer consultation services that blend my scientific knowledge with business acumen, aiming to assist these practices in their growth and development. Through this work, I endeavor to expand the reach and efficacy of mental health services, making them accessible and relevant to a wider array of communities.

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